Supplier overcharging

My client a small subsidiary to a large maintenance business, they take in equipment and then step through a maintenance schedule. At each point a job card is scanned to show that the task is started, stopped or there is a problem.

The job cards are paper based and the job instructions are paper based.

My client simply wants to remove the scanning element and essentially move the job card and the start, stop, next task to a tablet.

The supplier is wanting to run a 6 month project with 4 consultants to look into the feasibility of this approach – approx cost £300k. This initial project will then allow them to cost the final project.

The clue here is that the data is in an industry standard database with all the documents being held electronically.

From experience my estimate of the project is 1 man month to scope and develop a working solution – done dusted and delivered and working £10k

The original project is on hold whilst my client discusses with his colleagues across the group of companies.
My fear is that they will still proceed with the big cost because no one is brave enough to question the culture within the business and their past buying practices.

Could this be happening in your business?