Range of experience

125 clients from these industries

Manufacturing (Aerospace, Dairy, Food, Clothing, Automotive)
Engineering (heavy to precision)
Retail (Food, Clothing, Gardening, Domestic, Supermarket)
Leisure (Hotels, Resorts, Stately Home, Spa, Fishing, Hunting)
Building, Road Construction, House building,
Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics
Marine (Commercial and Leisure)
Exploration (Mineral and Oil)
Medical and Veterinary
Technology, Utilities

Software Engineering Consultancy

British Airways

Worked with client to see how technology changes could help their workflow. The business wanted to discuss options for better automation and workflow.

Business process and Technology

Tempest Brewery

Helping the business better understand how technology can help the business.

Advising on hardware and networking needs and introduction to an appropriate supplier and providing backup support.

Advising on website build process and explaining issues faced so they could make appropriate decisions.

Business process and Technology

Four Dairies

Advising on existing software solutions and how to manage change in the business. Existing software applications advice. Advising on IT infrastructure and business resilience.

Business Resilience

Several Companies

Each of these 35 companies had ongoing IT issues. Ranging from no backups, poor backups, devices failing.

If your cabling looks like this you probably have the same problems.

Business Process

15 Separate Manufacturing Companies

All 15 of these companies faced the same problems. Directors and managers lacked certain skills and knowledge to reliably do their work.

I helped them identify weaknesses and implement more resilient processes and embolden decision makers to trust their instincts.