My Approach

is to keep it simple. I am an engineer at heart and like most engineer like to tell you how it works.
I will speak with you and understand how your business works and guide you.
I will not tell you what you want to hear, rather what I believe to be the truth.


My Story

Degree qualified in Engineering and Management. Worked on everything from large weapon systems, oil extraction, warehousing, retail, SME.

1983 -> 2013 developed solution for most industries you can imagine, much of this was writing software to solve said problems.

I now bring this knowledge in a very pragmatic way to SME's. There are few problems an SME faces that I have not seen and solved.

Whether it be giving a helping hand to your board, being a key information source or hands on project implementation I can help.

AND REMEMBER I AM ON YOUR SIDE. You will have someone more experienced than your supplier or staff member helping you.

Next Steps...

Call me on 01573 450769 or